Global Trading

Enterprise America's Global Trade team is

specialized in the imports, exports, manufacturing and trade of any and all types of products serving many industries. The team has established a strong relationship and created a global network with a wide variety global vendors providing various types of products to clients of different industries. The group is engaged in the trading of all forms and types of goods ranging from furniture, fixture, and equipment to auto parts, glass, electronic items, clothing and farming tools and accessories. It serves all types of industries including hospitality, manufacturing, engineering, agricultural, auto, airline, medical, healthcare, environmental, retail, wholesale and others. The team has significant expertise and connections and can offer these products at a very competitive price. It can also customize the products based on the needs of the clients and provide both fast service and best quality.

For questions or interest to obtain any types

of product, please contact -

Sharif Choudhury

(214)-855-6677 |